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News Reporting on Cable News Networks

August 7, 2020

Less than three months to the election.  The twenty four hour news stations are filling the airways with the same comments all day. Cable twenty four hour news coverage seemed like a good idea years ago. There would be coverage of all breaking news and we would all be better informed.  We would not be limited by what we could see in the thirty minute evening network news.  Many in the industry people did not accept the idea,  but when the Persian Gulf war began we saw live war news as it happened for the first tine. Bombs over Bagdad was the.catchword of the day.  Suddenly all the networks stopped laughing at Ted Turner and CNN and started starting up their on cable news networks..

Somewhere along the way  between then and now something went wrong.  Instead of broad objective covering of the evdnts taking place in the world we have biased reporting of whatever the news item of the day turns out to be.   Networks to the left and to the right feature hour long shows hosted by different anchors, each endlessly analyzing the same events and making the same points, those points being the points of view of the particular network. There is too much time devoted to the same events. There us not enough to say about these few news items to take up all the time allotted, so the same points are repeated all day long by different spokespersons  for their respective networks.  Facts are interpreted and opinions are stated as facts.  Language describing the events us used loosely to create the desired   impression.  Incendiary words are used to exaggerate and intensify the importance of the events being reported and of those doing the reporting.  The scope of the news reported us extraordinarily and exceedingly narrow.  Networks play to their targeted audiences and ignore anything that will not greatly appeal to that audience.

Ratings are down. People don’t watch the cable news as they did.  My own viewing time is down. News viewing time of many people I know is down as well, sometimes limited to the evening news shows or to the local news.  I believe it is time for the networks to broaden their approach. Interesting and important things are happening in the world that  should be reported  and discussed. I would like to see some innovation in that direction. I believe we all would.   The cable news networks could do better.  I hope they will.





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