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Why We Do Not Have a Democracy

July 28, 2020

Constitutional government is different from a democracy. In a democracy issues are decided by majority vote. Everyone votes, their votes have equal weight, and majority wins. It sounds good and is simple to understand. Constitutional government on the other hand is a bit more complicated. The constitution prohibits some issues from being decided by a majority vote. A constitution may require more than a majority to change some laws. Our constitution is so written. Passage if an amendment requires more than majority votes. In addition, it requires a two thirds vote in the senate to remove the president and certain other federal officers from office.

The men who wrote the constitution put those provisions in because they did not trust the majority of the voters. They thought people would vote for whatever idea became popular at any point in time, and wanted to protect the country from what they saw as the whims of the majority.

As restrictive as the constutuon was, it did not pass until a bill of rights was adding which further restricted the ability of a democratic majority to make certain changes in the law.

Those people who complain that our government is not responsive to snd does not follow the will of the majority of the people are correct. And our government was designed that way. The founders dud not want the majority of the people to control the government in all respects. They required that certain changes were reserved to supermajorities and difficult to make.

The constitution also did not provide that all votes should have equal value. It provides that each state shall have two Senators, regardless of the relative population of each state. The electoral college also favors small states with smaller populations

The ability of the majority of voters to amend the constitution and make other changes in our laws is still not allowed. And inequality of votes between voters of different states has become much greater as the population has grown in certain areas of the country.

The constitution is the legal contract that sets out the rules and framework for our government. It is not a perfect instrument that satisfies everyone. It is until changed the law if our country. It established a republic of laws. It did not create a democracy where the people ruled by majority vote.

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