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Protests, Riots and Chaos

July 26, 2020

Our country seems to be exploding. It is easy for order to disappear. The question is how we can go so long without disorder and chaos. The question is how do civilizations, cultures, groups of people live together at all for long periods of time without disruption. It happens when countries are made up of people with the same values, traditions, and cultures. Groups like that are nations, as opposed to legal structures with boundaries that are called countries. The United States is a country made up if a union of a number of nations held together by a legal contract we refer to as the Constitution. It has held us together for a long time, partly because it has been amended twenty seven times over the years. There are discussions and dissatisfactions now about its terms. Some people want to change the way we elect the president. Others are unhappy with the makeup of the senate which gives greater representation to the smalll states. Other people complain about Federal judges being appointed for life, how difficult it is to amend the constitution, and how difficult it is to remove the president from office. There sre many other complaints and desired changes. Now states are objecting to federal agents enforcing federal laws in their states.

Polls and studies show that people are happiest and do better in countries that are the most democratic, where the vote of each voter has equal weight, where issues are decided by majority vote, and where the candidate with the plurality if votes wins. Currently, on a democracy scale thd United States ranks twenty fifth. Our rank on happiest country id dimilar. That is not as near to the top as we would like to be.

We are now having protests, demonstrations, riots and violence in our streets. Desperate people are in the streets making demands. Protests can and are turning into violence. Most of us want it to stop. We want an end to the divisions within our country. Some look back to what they see as more peaceful times and want them back. Others look to the future. That is the right direction. The past was not all that much better. The future can be.

We have lasted this long as a country because our people believe in democracy and a government of law. We have obeyed the laws enacted until they were changed through peaceful process. Whether we continue along that course now appears to be in question.

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