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Genetic Clusters and Groupings

July 5, 2020

Humans have been studying how physical and personality traits have been inherited for as long as recorded history. The discovery of genetics has finally provided clues and knowledge of how this works.

Research to date shows that all Homo Sapiens are one species. A species is defined as a group whose members can reproduce. Within the species, many groups become isolated and develop mutations which spread through their isolated group. Over generations these groups acquire through that process genetic differences which are different from other groups of people isolated in other different parts of the world. These differences result in changes in physical and personality differences. If the groups remain isolated long enough the differences will become so wide that the groups will not be able to reproduce and at that point will be different species. These differences in genetics are called genetic clusters. People who have been isolated from other people for long periods of time develop clusters of genes that appear within their groups more than in other groups. If individuals from isolated groups people move into other places and produce children from people of other groups, the clusters of genes become mixed together in varying degrees.

Certain placed in the world are more isolated or more mixed than others. America is very highly mixed. Some states or parts if the country more than others. Many individuals contain clusters of DNA or genetic material from many sources and parts of the world. Physical, personalty, and cultural traits cart greatly.

In recent years it has become popular to get DNA tested to find out in what parts of the world your ancestors lived before they came to America. Many people do that and find out there genetic clusters indicate they are not from where they thought they were, and not genetically a part of the culture they believed they were a part if and belonged to. This has created a great deal of anguish in some people. As a result, people talk about belonging to ethnic groups now. Identification with an ethnic group is based on self identity and not solely on genetics and DNA. Results of DNA tests can be very surprising.

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