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Covid 19

June 29, 2020

I first heard of the coronavirus sometime in February. It sounded like some new type of flu, not too different from the flus we had every winter, with new types every few years. I did not think much about it, but I did listen to the symptoms. Dry cough, fever, aches, chills, headaches, congestion.

In late February I thought I get a cold. I have them every year. They aggravate my asthma and csuse chest congedtion. For over a week I had congestion, chills, a dry cough, night sweats, headaches, aches, fatigue and weakness. Just a normal cold I thought. In early March my wife and I went out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. We went there often and knew most of the staff. One of the waitresses we know said hello as she passed by our booth. She was four months pregnant and excited about having a baby, which would be her second. We noticed she was wearing gloves. She laughed about it and said she was worried about the virus. None of the other staff were concerned. When our waiter came to our booth and asked how we were, I said I felt fine but I had been having a dry cough, headaches and congestion. He looked at my wife and said this guy is a real joker, and we all laughed. A week later Georgia restricted restaurants to take out service only. The next week we saw on social media that the restaurant closed. I wonder how the pregnant waitress and the rest of the staff is doing without jobs.

My wife and I have been following the guidelines since March. We go grocery shopping, use take out service. That is about all we go out for. Our children and grandchildren visit snd we sit outside in lawn chairs and stay six feet apart. My wife and I are both in the high risk group.

Based on prior history, I believe the virus will be a pandemic until forty or fifty per cent of us have immunity, either by having it or by vaccinated. That will not happen until sometime next year. The vaccine is not even ready yet.

Normally, virus illnesses fase out during summer months as people are less confined in poorly ventilated rooms and spend more time outside soaking up vitamin D. This summer is different, possibly due to socializing in crowded bars and other places inside.

In Atlanta our large office buildings are largely empty. People are working from home. They may never get back working every day from an office like they were before. Workers are more productive and happier working from home.

Another favorite restaurant closed last week. More businesses are closing and companies are talking about furloughing workers. I am still waiting for some good news.

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