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Mass School Shooting

November 15, 2019

Another mass school shooting. That is a normal occurrence now, and has been for some time. The thirtieth occurrence this year. This is the price we are apparently willing to pay in order to have access to guns. Not just any guns, but a special type of gun. A gun that has no practical use. A gun used for recreation. Target practice at gun ranges. Any other use could be accomplished through the use of a different, less lethal kind of gun. The gun in question is a rapid fire, semi-automatic gun with a large magazine. There are better guns that are used for hunting. And there are better guns to use for home defense. We should question whether it is worth sacrificing lives of children and other innocent people in such numbers so that people can play with guns at gun ranges. Other dangerous weapons are restricted. Machine guns, rocket launchers, artillery and other arms of war have restrictions in their ownership and use. They are all arms. We have the right to bear arms, except for reasons if public safety. That is established law. If we want to strictly interpret the second amendment then there should be no impediment to the availability of all kind of arms. Some people would argue for that. But sane and reasonable people would not. General agreement is that it is reasonable to place some restrictions on the availability of guns and other arms. The question then becomes one of where to draw the line. We should ask what guns are necessary for citizens to own and what guns should be limited. Which group should semi-automatic weapons with large magazines fit into. We may be paying a higher price than being able to possess one of those types of guns is worth.


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