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Save Our Trees

November 3, 2019

I live in North Georgia, in metro Atlanta, the city that likes to call itself the City of Trees. All of Georgia is full of trees. Giant live oaks grow along the coast, spreading their branches wide and appearing to be alive as the branches move with the coastal breezes. They are the official state tree. Next come the long leaf and other tall, thin pines. Further north are the hardwoods, mostly oaks, poplars,  and maples. And there are the hollies and evergreens of different types. The large hardwoods provide cool shade and light breezes in the summer for relief from the sub-tropical hot, humid days that smother those who go outside. When you step outside even into the shade of a porch or a carport it is like being enveloped by a hot, moist blanket that surrounds you.  Then when you step out of the shade into the sun the rays penetrate your clothes and you feel intense heat. Quickly you step into the shade of a nearby oak and feel the relief, the coolness and a breeze bringing air you can breath. In North Georgia the breezes are always cool bringing relief even in the hottest parts of summer.

In the fall tree leaves change colors. They drop their dark green of summer and become gold and yellows mixed with oranges, reds and browns of different shades and hues. The red maples become a shimmering bright red in the bright  afternoon sun on crisp autumn days. Sugar maples become bright yellow gold against a blue sky.

In the winter the pines are protection against the cold west wind, providing a wind break and shelter. I like to walk in the words in the winter, safe under the blanket of pine limbs swaying in the breeze overhead, walking in the calm below.

As spring comes the hardwoods put out their new leaves, a light and tender green that signifies new life.

Now trees are even more important to protect. They absorb and store carbon dioxide. We need to protect our existing trees and plant new trees. It is vital for our future.


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  1. We are losing too many trees….I think there should be a Federal law protecting anything over 15 feet…..I enjoy the woods as well… problem is my MoMo is the same color as a deer and it makes her a target for people that do not know the difference. Have a good Sunday…..chuq

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