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Foreign Policy

November 2, 2019

When I was growing up the US and USSR were said to be the two superpowers.  After the USSR broke apart we said that we were the only superpower. We thought of ourselves as the force that maintained order in the world. We saw ourselves as the world leader. Now other countries are becoming more powerful. As an example, China’s has been growing quickly and it’s economy has or will soon become larger than ours.  As it’s economy and wealth grow so does it’s ability to raise and maintain an army and military presence. Power grows with wealth and the economy.  The ability to trade with and influence countries and nations around the world grow. Prior to the twentieth century China had the largest economy in the world. They want to return to that status. The effect the growth of other countries will have on us is unknown.

We now have troops based all around the world and are engaged in endless wars and struggles. Those obligations and expectations may have grown too far and stretched us too thin. Our annual deficit and national debt are both unsustainable.  It may be time to disengage ourselves from most, if not all, of our involvements over the world. We simply cannot afford to continue as we are. It is time for us to seriously consider our role in the world and what we are really capable of accomplishing.


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  1. OG as you know I agree with you completely…..I want to see my president feel the same….and so far I have been completely disappointed in election results…..have a good weekend my friend…..chuq

  2. I agree, we need to quit being the world police force. But a lot of American businesses get very wealthy from armed conflicts and wield a lot of influence in DC. Stop these Neocons from having so much power and maybe we can operate in a more realistic manor.

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