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Cooler Temps

October 28, 2019


Cooler temperatures now in Atlanta.  Our record breaking streak of days in the nineties that ended a few weeks ago is all but forgotten. And rain is predicted this week. We are six inches below average for the year and grass and others plants are starting to show stress. Trees are changing color and leaves are falling. Orange, red, and brown. As I sat by the window facing east this morning sipping my coffee I could see the birds eating the bright red berries on the dogwood trees. The trees were busy with the birds rushing, eating the berries and shaking the leaves. Yesterday the same trees were alive with squirrels jumping from limb to limb. Then they would run about and chase each other around the yard.  Cool, crisp days  of  low humidity and light breezes invigorate.  Cloudy days with rain, slow and steady give comfort and make it feel warm inside. Dead leaves are scattered across my yard, waiting for strong winds to blow them away or a rake to scoop them up.  The rake is leaning against the carport wall. It and the leaves can wait. Maybe the winds will soon blow them away. I may go buy a pumpkin or two to place in the yard. That would look nice. I believe fall is my favorite time of year.



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  1. Carmen permalink

    I agree. Fall is the very best time of year. Cooler temps at night (better for sleeping) and the show Mother Nature puts on is spectacular! We’ve just returned from a trip to Ontario (we live in Nova Scotia) and then drove down through New York/Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine on the way home. The drive was just superb; one of our best trips to date. I got to visit a quilt shop in Maine and hubby picked up parts for his ‘47 Mercury in New York so we were both happy. :). Glad you are enjoying Fall, too!

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