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Weekend News

October 26, 2019

This was a busy week. A lot of stuff going on. Most of the news I heard was about two issues. Syria and impeachment.

I think we made some goods moves in Syria. We made the best of what we could do given our options.  Turkey advised they were going to invade and occupy the twenty mile strip we had to get our troops of of the area.  Our troops and the Kurds were holding the eastern part of Syria illegally against the Syrian government. Our deal allowed the Kurds to withdraw safely. Predictions of mass slaughter and ethnic were rampant. Neither has or is likely to occur. We do still hold leverage for the protection of the Kurds in that we hold the oil fields.  What happens next remains to be seen.  Syrian government will want to gain back control of their country from the Turks and from the Kurds, and will want out troops out also. Still possible for Kurds to remain in control of part of the eastern part as an independent country. It appears to be de facto independent now and may remain  so.

Democrats are pursuing secret impeachment hearings. They are in the wrong committee. Should be in judiciary where hearings are open to the public. Instead they are in the intelligence committee which can hold closed door hearings. That is a big mistake. Hearings should be public.

British are still fighting over Brexit.  Not much coverage in the US national news. I get something from sources from England. The deadline still is October 31. That could have a large impact on the US, UK, and Europe Should be getting more coverage. They are making some progress toward and agreement but they are running out of time.






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