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Thoughts on a Summer Day

July 16, 2019

I was glad to see that the dire predictions of what New Orleans may have been in for over the weekend did not come true.  Barry hit west of the city and rainfall over New Orleans was light. There were a few overflows on levees but no repeat of Katrina.  About fifty per cent or more of New Orleans is below sea level, and is sinking more each year. At the same time sea levels are rising. Trends like that don’t bode well for the future. One community has asked that the federal government raise the height of the levees to protect against future flooding. That does not sound like the right approach.  How high should they be built and how do we permanently protect areas below sea level. I don’t see that we can.  Predictions about the future of weather and height of sea level by 2050 are disturbing and rule out protection by building levees. The future for the next fifty years does not look good.

On another subject Biden is holding his lead over the other Democratic Party candidates.  Most states have the nominee chosen in a winner take all election, even if the leader gets less  than fifty per cent of the votes. Biden could win enough delegates with thirty or thirty five per cent of the votes. The question then will be if the far left of the party will get behind Biden. Bernie’s supporters did not get behind Hillary.  It well may work out the same  again. Biden running on the center without the support he needs from the left.

It is hot, humid and muggy here in Atlanta. And may be for the next two months. But fall is on the way and fall is beautiful here with crisp dry days and cool nights, and maybe a World Series this year. Something to look forward to.





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