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Government Shutdown, 2019

January 24, 2019

As we all know, we are in another government shutdown. They have been occurring regularly since Regan was president. Not fully shutdown, of course. Excepted (formerly called essential) government employees are still working, with pay postponed. They are promised pay at some later date, just not now when they need it to buy gas to come to work, pay for lunch, parking, rent , car payments and a few other things that people need to go about their daily business. There are limits to how long employees can come to work with no money coming in.

After twenty eight years and ten shutdowns the laws should have been changed so that this does not happen.  The shutdowns can be prevented congrees passing an amendment to the Antideficiency Act. The amendment would provide that payments to federal employees would continue under an existing budget even after its expiration date until a new budget bill is in place.  Non -payment of federal employees is inexcusable and a failure of congress and our structure of government.

All the past shutdowns ended when congress passed a budget that the president was willing to sign. That is the obvious way that shutdowns end.  And that is how this shutdown will end. The question is when. And what will have to happen for that to occur. How bad do things have to get before congress and the president work together to end the shutdown?








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  1. No one said democracy is an easy affair to practice. And just because we’ve lasted this long using the Constitution doesn’t mean we get complacent and assume it will be appropriate in the future. It’s a discipline we must follow to assure it stays around. To answer your rhetorical question at the end… it will end when it ends. Sounds trite because people will suffer and because people with cooler minds understand the reasons at play aren’t reasons at all.
    But maybe we think of it in terms of the London Blitz back in WW2. We help each other take the hits, we have faith that our government is better and will come around… then we use our votes to blast the hell out of things that need blasting.

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