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George H. W. Bush

December 5, 2018

I was surprised to learn that President Bush died a few days ago. I should not have been but I was. The dealth of anyone is always a surprise even if the person is old and you have been expecting it. The dealth and finality of it is always a shock.

Bush was elected president in 1988. I voted for him. I also voted for him in 1992. I did that even though I was against the Gulf War. I thought he was a decent man.

History will judge Bush as it does all presidents and he will be ranked among the others. I don’t know ehere he will be ranked but believe he will be above average.  Historians will like his handling of the end of the cold war, and will like the way he handled the end of the Gulf War, ending it without going north into Bagdad. His goal was to remove Iraq from Kuwait and  when that was accomplished the war ended and the troops came home.

In my opinion, he should not have gone to war at all. There was no national security interest of the United States at risk. It has been reported that Bush saw Iraq as a threat to Saudia Arabia and thought that we had to protect them from Iraq. I don’t believe that would have happened. But other people thought differently and Bush listened to them.

Bush was a man of his time. He was a product of the era in which he grew up. He was rich and privileged and his life reflected that. He acted bravely and did what he believed was right. He dealt with issues that he was interested in. His was the world of business, power, rules, duty, country, and family. That was where he lived and those were the things he thought about and valued. He did what he thought he had to do to defend and protect those things that he valued.

The country has moved on since Bush’s day and time.  He was part of the greatest generation. One of the last.

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