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Hurricanes and Storms

October 10, 2018

A hurricane is on the way. It’s name is Michael. I like that name. It to me signifies peace and tranquility. I think the hurricane is misnamed. It should have a name signifying destruction and danger. Because that is what it will bring. I live in North Georgia, in Metro Atlanta. Storms like Michael that hit the Florida panhandle often find their way here. They bring a lot of wind and rain with them. In varying amounts. Some are not too bad. Others are. The last bad one was named Opal. It hit in 1995. A tree in my neighbor’s front yard blew down. As I was helping him clean up I almost stepped one a dead squirrel. Newly dead. The squirrel probably thought he was safe up in the tree next to the trunk. But he was not. That happens sometimes. Just when you think all is well with the world and you are most content. But that is another story. A Christmas Story, in fact. The squirrel had chosen to find safety in a  Bradford pear tree my neighbor had planted years before. They are lovely in the spring when they bloom. And they bloom early. But their limbs trunk are fragile and brittle and they break and blow over easily. My neighbor and the squirrel had bad judgment in choosing a Bradford pear in metro Atlanta.  An oak would have been safe. The oaks are the strongest. I did not lose a tree but I lost shingles off my roof from the wind. And water damage to the ceiling from the rain that came in after the shingles were blown away. The wind was strong. Pine trees were snapped by the wind and were blown around in the streets. Power lines were down. Power was out for days for some, longer for others. There was flooding down by the creeks and streams and water damage. I live on a ridge. Higher than the surrounding land, at the top of a hill. I have lightening and wind to worry about here. A lot of trees have been snapped by the wind since I have lived here. I saw one of them snap and fall. It was a pine tree. It snapped and was down in a split second. Bam. No swaying, no leaning, no warning. Just pop and down. Sometimes the trees fall on houses or cars and people are trapped or killed. That happens a few times a year here. Atlanta is sometimes called the city of trees. And trees are often snapped or blown own. I saw lightning strike the ground once. It hit my neighbor’s yard across the street. It hit the ground with a loud bang. Grass and dirt flew upward. I saw it from my car port where I was looking at the storm and the wind.

I hope the people in Florida whether the storm in safety without property damage. But I know they will not. And I hope the same for the Metro area where I live. I dread the storm. There will probably be property damage, with fallen trees and power lines down and people trapped or killed and some squirrel may be thrown out of his safe haven. But I can hope not. I can and I do.



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  1. I loved your post. You have so intriguingly penned your thought process. Hopeful, that the people brave past the storm and remain unaffected by it.

  2. Carmen permalink

    I am hoping for the best for all of you too, OG.
    I don’t share your protectiveness of squirrels though, I’m afraid. One got in our house and we could hear it rolling acorns around in the floor joists — not a welcome visitor! We’ve had some insulation blown in around the base of the house so hopefully it can’t dig through that to get in again. They’re welcome to shelter in the trees, though! 🙂

    • I have had squirrel on my roof running around. I cut down s dogwood tree that they were using to climb and jump to the roof. Those little things can a long way. Amazing!

  3. maryplumbago permalink

    I have a friend who went away a few days before there was any notion of this hurricane being so bad. She is now stuck in N.C. but her dogs are back in Panama City with a sitter at a different home. She didn’t board up her windows because she didn’t realize what was gonna happen.
    She is beside herself with fear and worry, especially for her dogs.
    I’m in Fla, but not that area, and experienced one last year but it was just a 2 when it came through and that was bad enough. This one now is a 4!

    • Hope her house comes through ok l. And her dogs. This storm became strong and hit quickly.

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