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To Testify or Not to Testify

September 24, 2018

This week we may see some testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee about an incident alleged to have happen almost forty years ago. Most people I know, read on the blogs and see on the news have already made their minds up based mostly on their party affiliation. The affiliation to the left or right forms their bias and their basis informs whether or not they believe the accusations. This applies even to the senators who are on the committee.  I see very few prospects of any senator’s mind or decision on how they will vote being changed by the upcoming testimony.

There are ways to overcome bias. In the legal world they round up twelve citizens of upstanding citizens and make them sit together in a box, whether they want to or not, and listen to the evidence as presented by both parties. Then they are forced to take a vote and render a verdict. This works fairly well but is not perfect.  I could recite instances where the bias was not overcome by the evidence and wrong decisions were returned. Guilty people have been set free just because the bias of the jury could not be overcome by even overwhelming facts. Innocent people have been convicted for the same reason.

In politics biases are overcome by speeches and intense advertising campaigns. We are driven to distraction by television commercials and robo calls increasing in frequency as the elections approach. Different approaches are studied using polls to determine the best ways to overcome the bias and gather votes and turnout the voters.

So why should the woman in question brother to testify if the chances of her changing the vote may be small.  According to her, she is going to testify because it is her duty to do so. She says the senators who are going to decide who our next Supreme Court Justice will be should have as much information about the candidate as possible. I agree with her.

Another woman has now come forward with allegations of sexual misbehavior by the nominee. There may be more. More information for the senators to consider before the vote. The question remains to be decided. By votes of a few selected people. No one has yet found a better way to come to a decision.


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  1. It’s not that difficult if the truth is the goal but the truth is not. The goal is to get Kavanaugh confirmed at all cost to save Trump from possible impeachment. Like other psychopaths before him, Trump comes first, second and third. It’s all about protecting his hide. Everyone else is expendable.

    • Agree that they only care about getting K approved.

      • Stacking the supreme court with compromised justices is a priority for 45. If successful injustice like we have never seen will be the future. We could also be in for another 6 years of utter hell where cruelty, corruption and lies become normal.

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