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Madness in Washington

September 24, 2018

I woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep. Had my cheese danish and coffee to start off what looked like would be a good day, even though it was cloudy outside.  Then turned on the news and it all went downhill. Deputy attorney general on the way to the White House about to be fired or resign. News media spoke and discussed on and on about that speculating and guessing from every angle. I wondered what else was going on. Surely there was something else to discuss. Then they started discussing something else and it got worse. More details about the nominee to the Supreme Court. More details than I wanted to hear.

I was in a fraternity at a private school in the sixties. Nothing I ever  saw there or in high school compared to anything I have heard in the stories about the nominee. Things that they are reporting as happening when the nominees was in high school and college could not have possibly been that bad. Or so I would have thought. But apparently I would  have thought wrong.

The main issue I am asking myself is what talent does the president have that results in him creating such madness around him. Prior administrations were nothing like this. What process could have created this president.

I blame the Citizens United decision for putting us where we are. Since that decision congressmen and even officials st the state level are so dependent on the vast amounts of money and support from the top one half of one per cent that they are frozen from acting in anything but an extreme partisan manner. I don’t see how this is going to get any better. I hope I am wrong and it does get better.

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  1. At least you had a good night sleep before reading the news.

    Trump has created such chaos and discord in this country, it’ll take years to build trust again. Rn, it is clear Kavanaugh should not be confirmed for a lifetime position on the Supreme Court in light of recent allegations and the fact that hundreds of documents about Kavanaugh’s work history were not released for review by all members of the judiciary committee. What is Trump hiding about Kavanaugh? Further, Trump is under investigation and should not be allowed to appoint anyone to office. The man could be guilty of treason. I believe it’s becoming apparent to most people is that Trump is not fit for office on many levels and in many dimensions.

    • I don’t know if Trump knows anything about Kavanaugh except that his name was at the top of a list someone gave him.

      • Trump knows Kavanaugh will not rule to indict a sitting President. Trump knows Kavanaugh will not take rape or sexual violence by white men seriously. Trump also knows Kavanaugh can be blackmailed or controlled because of his lies.

        I suspect we only hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of Kavanaugh’s lies. More time is needed to expose the real man under the robe, unless he withdraws.

    • It would be up to the Senate not to act on his nominations. That would be the only way not to allow him to nominate people to the court. The debate could just not act. They may do that if the democrats get control. That is what the trouble did to Obama. Just do not call for a hearing or a vote.

      • It may be up to Americans to stop this charade of a confirmation hearing. Our elected officials as you say are only listening to wealthy donors not we the people. Politicians then lie to manipulate we the people into supporting their lies and the policies of the elite.

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