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Summer Musings

June 30, 2018

Hot weather has come to Metro Atlanta. I should not be surprised, it happens every year about this time. Hot, humid, muggy days that never seems to end. Step outside and it feels as if you are wrapped in a blanket. A warm, smothering blanket. I think the summers are getting worse. Maybe it’s me. Maybe as I get older the heat bothers me more. Maybe I just can’t handle it as well. That applies to everything else in my life. Why shouldn’t it apply to handling the heat. My reflexes are not as good. don’t drive as well. I can’t make decisions as quickly as I could years ago. I take that into account when I drive. I don’t drive as fast. I try to avoid having to make left turns. Left turns as dangerous. More people have accidents making left turns than doing anything else. So I plan my route to avoid left turns as much as I can. And limit them to turns at red lights where I have a turn signal. But back to the heat. (My mind tends to wander a bit now days. I have trouble listening to the news. I am glad I can hit pause and rewind. I do that a lot. Rewind and relisten.  Sometimes several times until it becomes clear. Maybe people don’t express themselves as well as they used to. No, I think it is me and my shortening attention span.) I grew up in a small town in North Georgia. The elevation above sea level was 1200 feet. It was high enough to cool off at night. I loved that. And breezes during the day were always cool. It would cool off at night and the breezes were cool. There were a few days with high temperatures and no breeze, but not many. There was no air conditioning then. At least not for me. Not at my house. And not at my dad’s auto parts store. I worked there during the summer. People worked on their own cars back then. I sold a lot on points and condenser, speedometer cables, water pumps, shocks and other parts to people who would do the work themselves. Some of those parts they don’t have any more. Points? What are points. My wife is from Texas. I spent lot of time there when the kids were growing up. It was hotter there then it is here. When it gets hot we’re are just grateful that we fon’t live in Texas. They don’t have cool breees there. And it does not cool off at night. Not like it does here. And we are glad to be here.


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One Comment
  1. With the unusually hot summer in the UK now, I am feeling your pain.
    I’m pretty old too, (well, 66) so can identify with a lot of this post. 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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