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American Politics

June 22, 2018

We are in a crisis in America. We are divided just about in half between left and right. The divide has been pretty even for the last few presidential elections. Now all I hear is Democrats accusing the Republicans of being racist and Republicans accusing Democrats of being socialists. The extremes in both parties think the other party is all bad and theirs is all good. I hope it is just the extremes. It may be worse than that. It may all of both parties. Reading the posts on these blogs sounds like it. I don’t see many blogs by moderates. Maybe that is normal. The people with the strongest feelings are going to be the most vocal.  I see a lot of closed minds. Strong feelings do that. They close the person’s mind so that no opposing view the can be tolerated, much less considered.

I have been spending time reading books on history and politics to try to determine how we got to where we are now. The history of our split goes back a long way. Hundreds of years.  It’s an interesting story. I am not going to go very far into history but the split we see now is not a new one and the issues are not new. Wars and revolutions have been fault over the same issues.

Our country seems to be breaking apart. We look back to a time when we were all in agreement and to the values upon which the country was founded.  In truth, there was no single unifying idea for our country. The  framers of the constitution had their own differences. We hear people speak of our founding fathers as if they were all in agreement about the type of government we should have. They were not. They were very divided. They were so divided two of them had a duel resulting in the death of one and the disgrace of the other.

The men known as our founders had tried to form a government with the Articles of Confederation but had failed. The government they had formed was not functioning. Then they met again. They compromised greatly and agreed on a document to form a government. The constitution. But they still had not succeeded. They had formed a country with a stronger central government but it was too strong for some. Before several of the states would adopt the constitution it had to be amended ten times to put limitations on the powers of the central government. A document that had to be amended that many times contained major flaws.

Even then they argued about how the new government should function. What laws should be passed. Just how much power the central government had under the constitution as amended ten times. The constitution had only drawn out a framework with guidelines on how laws would be passed and enforced and how disputes and disagreements would be settled. The document set forth no laws. It only delegated duties and functions for the different branches. And it contained limitations of power in the Bill of Rights. Divisions and disagreements remained.

I look forward to seeing our county united. I don’t say again because I don’t believe it ever has been.  I hope we can do better than that. And better than we are doing now. At least get past the hate and the smug conceit and arrogance that I see so much of now. Even someday become united.


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  1. I Think the entire world wants that.

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