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Washington Mystery

June 1, 2018

The admintration in Washington continues to provide a mystery as to how and why it functions as it does. The question of the day is whether purpose and design can be found in chaos. I keep looking for it but my search has so far been futile. The positions keep changing daily and sometimes statements and positions seem to be working at cross purposes. Maybe there is a plan there to achieve a goal. Or maybe not.

Trump wants to add jobs, reduce the trade deficit and reduce the national debt. He also wants to protect our metals industry. The new tariffs on metals may do that. Or it may not. If it does it will be at great cost to other parts of our economy. Some people think it will be worth it. Others do not. The view in favor if that some industries are necessary for our defense sand national security. Steel making. Aluminum production. Arms production. Materials necessary for production for our military. Those things may be worth sacrificing for. Some people think so. Others do not.

I keep hoping that our President has people who understand the issues and will give advice that will be listened to. Those hopes are dimming. I keep looking  to find order, intention, and direction out of the choas but none seem to be forthcoming.

On the positive we are sixteen months into the four year term of office. We are not at war and not in a recession. Maybe we will be lucky and get through with neither and with the republic still standing.  The mystery is how we as a country has survived this long. We have had bad presidents and problems to work through before. No one knows the future.



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