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Two Inch Snowfall Shuts Down Atlanta

January 19, 2018

I live in Atlanta. That is in North Georgia. The Georgia that is in the United States. Not that other Georgia. We just had a few days of snow and ice and temperatures below freezing.  It feels good to have the temperature back up in the forties. I thought my grits were freezing. (Grits are a delicacy made from corn and eaten in the South as a side dish with scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with black coffee. Cheese grits can be eaten at lunch or diner as a side dish. But grits are another story.) Back to the weather. Temperatures below freezing seem to be an unnatural act. Homo sapiens sapiens were not made for that kind of weather. Sitting drinking coffee or hot chocolate is good for a while but grows old.  It’s enough to make one want to move to Panama or some other place where it is in the seventies all year.

When we have snow here, the snow that falls on the streets and roads quickly melts and freezes into ice. Black ice. We start with two inches of snow and a few minutes later have an inch of ice coating the roads. It’s unpredictable. It’s invisible. It’s impossible to drive on. It lurks on streets under the shade of trees bridges and buildings. The city shuts down with two inches of snow which turns to ice on the streets.

I hear Panama calling.





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