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Short airplane trips

January 24, 2013

Back in the seventies I would fly on a DC 9 from Atlanta to Shreveport and it would stop in Birmingham, Jackson, Miss., and Monroe, La.,.. Up and down all the way with no cruising at all. Probably could still do it if you wanted, but not in a DC 9.

I miss those old DC 9s. I usually would sit in the last sit at the back of the plane next to one of the engines. Always sat on the right side. Loved to hear that engine. Nice and loud just a few feet from my right ear.   It was loud but it gave me comfort to hear it and know it was working.  And though the plane was small, the air was circulated and fresh, and there was more leg room than in today’s planes.  And I liked sitting close to the rest room.

The planes were rarely full and their sometimes was an empty seat next to me or near me.  Didn’t have the cramped feeling, like a sardine tightly crushed into a can.

Today the planes seem to be always packed full.  The air is not fresh.  I can’t get a seat near an engine that I can hear and can give me comfort.  And the restrooms are far away and blocked by the trays of refreshments being carted up and down the aisles.  No longer a pleasant experience for me. 

New airplanes also fly so high the pressure is bad on my sinus and ears.  But I fly on.  Have to these days.  Driving long distances is for young people.  And I like to travel farther, to more distance places.

Well, I can still remember the DC9.  It was a great little plane.

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