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Warm days in January

January 23, 2013

This is a relatively warm day in January. And it’s clear and sunny. Always had that let down after Christmas. After all the presents and adrenalin rush. Then is was over and the Christmas tree and decorations came down. And with that the realization that the next Christmas was a year away. And the cold and rain of January was coming. In the southeast winter has many days wrapped up in cloudy skies with rain, slow drizzle, and fog. To some it can be a comfort. Like being wrapped in a blanket and protected from the vicissitudes of harsh life. Here the first two weeks of January are the winter. Now that they are past, we have days of spring like weather. Warm, with winter flowers blooming. Red Sasanquas against their green evergreen leaves.

The days are getting warmer with the promise of perhaps an early spring. Waiting until Groundhog day for its confirmation. But regardless of whether the groundhog stays outside to enjoy the sun, or stays outside under the clouds, we know that February and March have the threat of snows, sleet more rain and bitter cold. We also know that those episodes of weather will be short and soon replaced by sunny days.

Always glad to get through the first two weeks of January and watch as the days get longer, and warmer.

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