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Blackberry Cobbler

December 30, 2011

Had some blackberry cobbler in a restaurant today.   I used to have it growing up. It was different then.  We would pick the blackberries in the morning, my sister and I.   We would go out in the pasture behind our house, a three acre pasture owned by one of our neighbors.  They didn’t keep livestock then and part of the pasture had bushes and briers.    And that’s where the blackberries grew.   All brush and briers at the back edge of the pasture next to the woods that went all the way from there to Maine without stopping except for the roads that crossed through it here and there.  The sun was hot and I would eat a few as I picked them.  I always thought that snakes liked blackberries too.   Don’t know how I thought they would get up the briers and reach them.  But I didn’t worry about that.  I just worried about the snakes.  We never saw any.  Soon our pails would be full and we would go back to the house and wait for dinner, our midday meal was called dinner then, and dessert.  Freshly made blackberry cobbler.  Hot and juicy out of the oven.   That was good blackberry cobbler that I can remember.

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  1. Becky Gravley permalink

    I enjoy reading your blog, Dad. I’m glad your documenting your memories, too.

  2. Becky Gravley permalink


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