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Christmas Trees

December 18, 2011

Got my Christmas tree set up and decorated today.  It came in three pieces.  Stored in the playroom since last Christmas.  Each piece was wrapped in a black trash bag, put in a green trash can to keep the dust away.   This is the fourth year we have used it.  An artificial tree.    Before that we have used Frazier firs for years.  Bought at nurseries or lots fun of fresh green trees, just cut and hauled down from North Carolina.  For years my wife would buy our tree from an old man who brought his trees down on a truck.   He had a lot in the parking lot of a liquor store.  He had a small trailer on the lot by the trees that he lived in until all the trees were sold.  Don’t know how he survived in the cold all day and in that little trailer at night.   If you told him you had bought a tree from him the year before he would give you a five dollar discount on your tree.   He stopped coming down years ago and we started buying from the nurseries.  Now the nursery we like closed all its stores near us so we bought from Home Depot.   Didn’t see the same.  This artificial tree is easy to use.   Put it together, plug-in the lights that are built-in, and we are done.  And the tree is in perfect shape.  No bad sides.  I missed the turning the tree around trying to get the best side facing toward the living room and the bad side to the wall.  Never could find a perfectly shaped tree.   And then I had to water them, and clean up the needles that always dropped off onto the carpet.

When I was growing up we had a ritual in early December.  We would go out on a cold December morning in Dad’s pickup truck.  It was always cold.  The heaters in those old trucks did not work very well, and would never warm up the inside of the cab until we had reached the trees.  We always cut a white pine.  In North Georgia, there were groves of white pines scattered through the woods, but they had to be searched out.  We always went back to the same one, about five miles out of my small town, off the paved highway onto a dirt road, then off the dirt road to a smaller dirt road that was more like two tracks going through the woods by a creek.  We would park by the creek and get out into the cold to look for the perfect pine.  Climbing up the hillside in our search.    Me, my sister, and my dad and mom.  Finally, we would find one that looked suitable and the right height and dad would cut it down.   We would go back to the pickup, dad would thow it in the back, and we would drive home.  Somehow, it always felt warm as we drove home, singing Christmas songs about Santa making his list and checking it twice.  I always hoped, but was not sure, that I was on the list.  I always was.   At home Dad would set up the tree.   We didn’t have a tree stand, but he would somehow nail the tree to a couple of pieces of wood and it would stand up.   When the decorations were on, it always looked like the perfect tree.

Somehow going down to the playroom, and getting the three pieces of plastic, putting them together just does not seem the same.   And the artificial tree does not smell like a white pine, or even a Frazier fir.   Maybe next year we will try to find a small lot somewhere with a man from North Carolina.

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  1. Carmen permalink

    I am making my way through your blog,OG. So far, you sound like a very nice fellow. A man who is sensitive to his surroundings.
    We used to grow Christmas trees. Here in Nova Scotia, the balsam fir is the official Christmas tree. We have had one since our first in 1977. I can’t imagine having a plastic one but I realize that priorities change. ;). We have a daughter in Australia and she insists on having a real tree every year, because that is what she is used to. One year, they went to a nursery and bought a tree that had come all the way from here! Can you imagine?

    • Thanks for your comment. I went back and read my post. We are still using that same three piece tree. I have been trying to remember when we got it so glad I read the post. Last year may have been the last year for thetree. We want a smaller one and a live wood one would be nice.

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