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Winter Cold

December 11, 2011

In the low thirties here. That’s cold enough for me.  Don’t want to hear talk about single digits and how people enjoy cold weather.   Unexpected snow can turn five-minute drives to work into thirty minute drives over ice and slippery roads.   Especially in the north when people have to go to work early before the snow plows come out to do their job.   Have a friend that keeps the temperature in his living room on eight during the winter. That sounds a little high to me.   But growing up, my parents kept the living room close to eighty in the winter.  Heat was from a floor furnace in the living room which used butane or propane.  The thermostat was across the room set on seventy-two.   It was a two-story house with the floor furnace as the only source of heat.   Upstairs bedrooms would get chilly at night, but it was a pretty warm house.  Before the floor furnace was installed, we had a coal burning stove in the living room for the only source of heat in the house.  It kept us warm.  I was happy with it, but I was not the one who had to bring in the coal to keep it going.   Floor furnace with the thermostat was a big improvement.  Floor furnaces are hard to find now, considered dangerous.  When I was growing up, our next door neighbor had the only central heat in town.  They had a basement dug out under their house and a furnace that burned coal.  It had an automatic feed of some sort.  It was a one story house with two bedrooms and a large family room and a fireplace.   In the forties, most houses in town had heat from a fire-place, or from a stove.  I can remember families plugging up the fireplaces and putting in floor furnaces.   Now all new homes have central heating.   But the stoves, and then the floor furnaces kept us warm.

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