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Getting old

October 30, 2011

My four-year old grandson is getting into the stage of asking why. Trying to figure things out.  His grandmother and I think he is smart, but probably just typical for that age. The other day he asked me why I was old.  I started to ignore the question, to become suddenly occupied with something else, possibly something out the window getting my attention and getting him occupied with something else also.

His Grandmother thought it was funny that he asked me that. I decided to answer him and told him for the same reason that he was little. In a few minutes he asked her why she was old. She didn’t think this was funny. It was funny when he asked me, but not so funny when he asked her. Funny how it works that way. She told him it was because she was born a long time ago. Those answers seemed to satisfy him for now. I had been wondering if he had figured out we were old. Don’t know what else he has figured out the rest, but he will before too long.

That’s the way of life and can’t be stopped. And he can’t be protected from it. Wish that he could be.

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