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Economy woes

October 28, 2011

Our economy continues its slow grow.  Not as much as we need.   Our jobs are going overseas to cheap Asia labor. What money is in the US is concentrated in the top one per cent.  We are in the bottom five countries in disparity of wealth.   No recovery is in sight until someone finds a way to get money in the hands of the middle class consumer, and the consumer uses the money to buy products made in the US.   Money spent on products made in Asia is gone.   Anything the government can do to increase our exports will help.   That includes a cheaper dollar.  Weaker dollars makes our products less expensive overseas and increases our exports.    As for the wealth disparity, it is past time to use legislation, including tax legislation, to reduce the inequality. US is at the bottom in terms of wealth distribution.  But middle class will keep going down until wages in Asia climb to match wages in US. That will take a while. Then jobs will come back here.

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