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Republician candidates debate

October 19, 2011

Saw the debate from Nevada tonight. Seven candidates. One did not attend. A few good things were said. Cutting defense, foreign aid and medicare. Stepping up securing the Texas border was good.
No one mentioned raising any taxes. Unless you count Cain’s nine per cent sales tax, which would raise taxes on the bottom fifty per cent. And cut taxes on the top ten per cent. Repressive taxes are not what we need. We need to make our taxes more progressive on those making over a million a year.
Others things were just off the wall. almost time for all but three or four to drop out, but not yet. Liked hearing the different ideas from all seven. Many of the ideas were not practical and won’t fly, and candidates disagreed. Most wanted to cut defense spending. One would not cut a penny. Wide difference there.
Newt had it right though. Bickering is not the road to the white house.

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