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Government Shutdown, 2019

As we all know, we are in another government shutdown. They have been occurring regularly since Regan was president. Not fully shutdown, of course. Excepted (formerly called essential) government employees are still working, with pay postponed. They are promised pay at some later date, just not now when they need it to buy gas to come to work, pay for lunch, parking, rent , car payments and a few other things that people need to go about their daily business. There are limits to how long employees can come to work with no money coming in.

After twenty eight years and ten shutdowns the laws should have been changed so that this does not happen.  The shutdowns can be prevented congrees passing an amendment to the Antideficiency Act. The amendment would provide that payments to federal employees would continue under an existing budget even after its expiration date until a new budget bill is in place.  Non -payment of federal employees is inexcusable and a failure of congress and our structure of government.

All the past shutdowns ended when congress passed a budget that the president was willing to sign. That is the obvious way that shutdowns end.  And that is how this shutdown will end. The question is when. And what will have to happen for that to occur. How bad do things have to get before congress and the president work together to end the shutdown?









George H. W. Bush

I was surprised to learn that President Bush died a few days ago. I should not have been but I was. The dealth of anyone is always a surprise even if the person is old and you have been expecting it. The dealth and finality of it is always a shock.

Bush was elected president in 1988. I voted for him. I also voted for him in 1992. I did that even though I was against the Gulf War. I thought he was a decent man.

History will judge Bush as it does all presidents and he will be ranked among the others. I don’t know ehere he will be ranked but believe he will be above average.  Historians will like his handling of the end of the cold war, and will like the way he handled the end of the Gulf War, ending it without going north into Bagdad. His goal was to remove Iraq from Kuwait and  when that was accomplished the war ended and the troops came home.

In my opinion, he should not have gone to war at all. There was no national security interest of the United States at risk. It has been reported that Bush saw Iraq as a threat to Saudia Arabia and thought that we had to protect them from Iraq. I don’t believe that would have happened. But other people thought differently and Bush listened to them.

Bush was a man of his time. He was a product of the era in which he grew up. He was rich and privileged and his life reflected that. He acted bravely and did what he believed was right. He dealt with issues that he was interested in. His was the world of business, power, rules, duty, country, and family. That was where he lived and those were the things he thought about and valued. He did what he thought he had to do to defend and protect those things that he valued.

The country has moved on since Bush’s day and time.  He was part of the greatest generation. One of the last.

The Pet Lion

I always liked pets. But dog pets. I had a Collie Shepherd that was too big for me when I was small. Then two beagle pups when I was ten. I loved playing with them as they grew up. I thought that was it with me for pets. I was definitely a dog man.

Then when I was a junior in college the president of the fraternity I belonged to wanted to try something for rush week which took place the first week of fall quarter. He suggested we buy a lion cub he had seen at a zoo near where he lived. At our first chapter meeting of the quarter we voted to buy it. The president was happy. Some of us were unsure. I believe the lion weighted about ten pounds and was about six weeks old when we got him. I am not sure about the weight and age but he was a small cub. We got him just before rush started. We thought it would be good for rush  and would attract attention and interest. During sessions with rushees a brother would carry him around or walk him on a leash around the living room. It worked. The rushees talked about us in the freshman dorms while considering the different fraternities. We recruited a good pledge class.

Then rush ended and we had a small lion on our hands. A fast growing small lion. We had to figure out what to do with him. We had never gotten permission from the school to buy him. Our president had gone to see the dean before rush and told him we were thinking about buying a lion. The dean was a gruff, taciturn man.

“ You are thinking about buying a what?” was the response.

”A lion.”

”I will think about it?” the dean replied.

While he was thinking we went ahead with the purchase.

One of our brothers volunteered to be in charge of caring for him. A few brothers agreed to help. During the fall afternoons the lion and the brother were to be found in our yard on the grass under some pine trees. The brother reading his assignments for the next day’ classes. The lion by his side on a leash tied to a long chain which was tied to one of the pine trees. It was a great way to spend fall afternoons. Fraternity men walking by with their dates would stop by to look at the lion. They were all curious and had lots of questions about where we got him, what he ate and where he slept. Both the lion and the brother liked the attention. It was a lot of fun.

Cliff, which was what we decided to name him, was very playful. He was like a little puppy.  He liked to lay on his back and have his stomach rubbed. This was when he was small.

The news of the cub spread. A local television station called. They wanted to use the lion in a commercial. I drove to the station one sunny afternoon with a car full of brothers, and Cliff and his keeper in the back seat. The window was down and Cliff rode with his head part way out the window. He apparently liked the view and the breeze against his face. By then he was nearing forty pounds. Cliff grew fast.

As he grew problems developed. He became too heavy and strong for one person to control. We stared to worry about what were going to do with him. He started stalking people as they walked across the yard. That happened  to me one afternoon. I was walking in front of the house and suddenly felt a strange, eerie feeling. I stopped walking and looked around. Cliff was on the front patio about forty feet away and securely tied by his chain. He was crouched down, staring at me and stalking. I was an experience I have not forgotten. The stalking was understandable. I was wearing a camel colored sweater. Just the color of something in the wild that lions would chase. And catch. It was unnerving. A few days latter he lunged at a coed who was admiring him too closely. The keeper was quick and pulled Cliff back with the leash and no harm was done. The next week some brothers took Cliff to some open space on campus to let Cliff get some exercise. A off duty campus security heard was there with his two young daughters. Cliff started chasing the girls. It took two brothers to hold him back and control him.

The next day the dean called. He said it was time to get rid of the lion. We started trying to figure out how to to that. You can’t take a lion to a animal shelter and leave him off like an unwanted dog.  A few days later a football player from a nearby college came by and wanted to buy him. We quickly agreed. The player had been drafted by Miami to play in the NFL. He kelp Cliff in his apartment in Miami until Cliff started chewing up his furniture. Then he gave him to a zoo. We never heard any more of Cliff. We hoped he had a happy life.  He made a good pet, for about two months.


United Nations Report On Climate Change

Michael has passed through and gone out into the North Atlantic and is disintegrated. We can relax and feel safe for a while,  confident that we survived and can ride out future storms.  That is what I thought unti I read about a United Nations scientific panel report that was published on October 8. The report was from an Intergovernmental panel on climate change. This report does not have the candy coating that prior climate change  reports have had.

This  report is much more pessimistic than prior reports. According to sources, it is much more honest and realistic. There is no holding back or displaying the facts in order to prevent panic as did prior published reports by various scientific studies. The report gives s pretty sober prediction of the future of climate change. It also lays out some plans that we can go to reduce the effects. But it says these plans must be implemented beginning as soon as possible and will entail great and fundamental changes in lifestyles, energy use and basic structure of society and civilation. The lives of hundreds of millions of people are under risk in the next century unless these changes are made start immediately. We don’t have much time.

The reports states that if we continue as we are that sea levels will rise as much as two hundred feet by the next century.  This will be devestating. Weather system s will change and severely change our way of like and possibly civilization itself.

The panel warns that we should respond with a massive effort similar to the effort we made in World War II in order to prevent the expected rise in temperature.

The time for relaxing and feeling safe and confident about our future and the future of our children, grandchildren and future generations is over.





Hurricanes and Storms

A hurricane is on the way. It’s name is Michael. I like that name. It to me signifies peace and tranquility. I think the hurricane is misnamed. It should have a name signifying destruction and danger. Because that is what it will bring. I live in North Georgia, in Metro Atlanta. Storms like Michael that hit the Florida panhandle often find their way here. They bring a lot of wind and rain with them. In varying amounts. Some are not too bad. Others are. The last bad one was named Opal. It hit in 1995. A tree in my neighbor’s front yard blew down. As I was helping him clean up I almost stepped one a dead squirrel. Newly dead. The squirrel probably thought he was safe up in the tree next to the trunk. But he was not. That happens sometimes. Just when you think all is well with the world and you are most content. But that is another story. A Christmas Story, in fact. The squirrel had chosen to find safety in a  Bradford pear tree my neighbor had planted years before. They are lovely in the spring when they bloom. And they bloom early. But their limbs trunk are fragile and brittle and they break and blow over easily. My neighbor and the squirrel had bad judgment in choosing a Bradford pear in metro Atlanta.  An oak would have been safe. The oaks are the strongest. I did not lose a tree but I lost shingles off my roof from the wind. And water damage to the ceiling from the rain that came in after the shingles were blown away. The wind was strong. Pine trees were snapped by the wind and were blown around in the streets. Power lines were down. Power was out for days for some, longer for others. There was flooding down by the creeks and streams and water damage. I live on a ridge. Higher than the surrounding land, at the top of a hill. I have lightening and wind to worry about here. A lot of trees have been snapped by the wind since I have lived here. I saw one of them snap and fall. It was a pine tree. It snapped and was down in a split second. Bam. No swaying, no leaning, no warning. Just pop and down. Sometimes the trees fall on houses or cars and people are trapped or killed. That happens a few times a year here. Atlanta is sometimes called the city of trees. And trees are often snapped or blown own. I saw lightning strike the ground once. It hit my neighbor’s yard across the street. It hit the ground with a loud bang. Grass and dirt flew upward. I saw it from my car port where I was looking at the storm and the wind.

I hope the people in Florida whether the storm in safety without property damage. But I know they will not. And I hope the same for the Metro area where I live. I dread the storm. There will probably be property damage, with fallen trees and power lines down and people trapped or killed and some squirrel may be thrown out of his safe haven. But I can hope not. I can and I do.


Madness in Washington

I woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep. Had my cheese danish and coffee to start off what looked like would be a good day, even though it was cloudy outside.  Then turned on the news and it all went downhill. Deputy attorney general on the way to the White House about to be fired or resign. News media spoke and discussed on and on about that speculating and guessing from every angle. I wondered what else was going on. Surely there was something else to discuss. Then they started discussing something else and it got worse. More details about the nominee to the Supreme Court. More details than I wanted to hear.

I was in a fraternity at a private school in the sixties. Nothing I ever  saw there or in high school compared to anything I have heard in the stories about the nominee. Things that they are reporting as happening when the nominees was in high school and college could not have possibly been that bad. Or so I would have thought. But apparently I would  have thought wrong.

The main issue I am asking myself is what talent does the president have that results in him creating such madness around him. Prior administrations were nothing like this. What process could have created this president.

I blame the Citizens United decision for putting us where we are. Since that decision congressmen and even officials st the state level are so dependent on the vast amounts of money and support from the top one half of one per cent that they are frozen from acting in anything but an extreme partisan manner. I don’t see how this is going to get any better. I hope I am wrong and it does get better.

To Testify or Not to Testify

This week we may see some testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee about an incident alleged to have happen almost forty years ago. Most people I know, read on the blogs and see on the news have already made their minds up based mostly on their party affiliation. The affiliation to the left or right forms their bias and their basis informs whether or not they believe the accusations. This applies even to the senators who are on the committee.  I see very few prospects of any senator’s mind or decision on how they will vote being changed by the upcoming testimony.

There are ways to overcome bias. In the legal world they round up twelve citizens of upstanding citizens and make them sit together in a box, whether they want to or not, and listen to the evidence as presented by both parties. Then they are forced to take a vote and render a verdict. This works fairly well but is not perfect.  I could recite instances where the bias was not overcome by the evidence and wrong decisions were returned. Guilty people have been set free just because the bias of the jury could not be overcome by even overwhelming facts. Innocent people have been convicted for the same reason.

In politics biases are overcome by speeches and intense advertising campaigns. We are driven to distraction by television commercials and robo calls increasing in frequency as the elections approach. Different approaches are studied using polls to determine the best ways to overcome the bias and gather votes and turnout the voters.

So why should the woman in question brother to testify if the chances of her changing the vote may be small.  According to her, she is going to testify because it is her duty to do so. She says the senators who are going to decide who our next Supreme Court Justice will be should have as much information about the candidate as possible. I agree with her.

Another woman has now come forward with allegations of sexual misbehavior by the nominee. There may be more. More information for the senators to consider before the vote. The question remains to be decided. By votes of a few selected people. No one has yet found a better way to come to a decision.